Membership in the HAABC is offered in three categories:

1. Voting Members – open only to Harbour Authorities under the DFO – Small Craft Harbours Program

2. Non-Voting Members – open to any public harbour in BC that is not under the DFO – Small Craft Harbours Program

3. Associate Non-Voting Membership – open to private harbours or marine-related businesses

why become an Haabc member?

Membership in the HAABC has many benefits. For voting member harbour authorities, membership grants access to an extremely wide range of knowledgeable people in the marine industry. It also gets your harbour authority an automatic invite to the annual HAABC seminar, where you can network among industry professionals from all over BC. You will participate as a member of one of the six HAABC zones, vote for your chosen zone representative at the annual seminar, and help to shape the future of harbour authorities in BC.

The HAABC also provides its members with base documentation (moorage agreement, policies, procedures, etc.) which are invaluable to new harbour authorities especially, but also to established ones, as it never hurts to update your documents every once in a while. You will also get access to the HAABC forum – a communication tool which helps harbour authorities canvas the membership and share information instantly.

Non-voting members and associate non-voting members also get invites to the annual HAABC seminar and a unique opportunity to network among other harbours and marine-related industry representatives. For marine businesses, membership is an excellent opportunity to let everyone know what your products and services are, and potentially to get access to a new and diverse client base. Many of our associate members are frequent exhibitors at our annual seminars as well, giving an opportunity to meet harbour authority representatives face to face and establish lasting business relationships. And of course all associate members get promoted on the associate members section of our web site.

become a member today

A link to the HAABC Membership Application Form can be found here. Click the button to download it!