Robert Clarke Bio

Robert Clarke

Robert Clarke grew up on a small gulf island near Sidney and travelled by boat daily.  After graduating high school Robert ventured to Ucluelet for the next 15 years.  Recently, Robert has moved to the Comox Valley where he works as Wharfinger for the Comox Valley Harbour Authority.  Robert is happily married to his wife of 13 years and has three growing boys Dylan, Ian and Gavin.  He is heavily involved with coaching his 3 sons’ sports teams and volunteering with their school PAC.

Robert started working on the docks as a summer student for the Small Craft Harbour in Ucluelet 25 years ago.  Robert works on maintenance projects throughout the year while assisting with administrative duties.    Robert is in his third term as Director at Large and is always keen to learn how other harbours operate and manage their facilities.  Robert likes to talk with other harbour staff to learn different tricks of the trade.