Gail Davis Bio

Gail is a Director of the Campbell River Harbour Authority – Fishermen’s Wharf. She was elected to the Board in 2003 and is currently serving as President. The CRHA has managed the Harbour since 1998 and is home port to about 260 vessels with proven ability to accommodate up to 350 vessels.

Gail was born and grew up in the interior town of Williams Lake. She married into the commercial fishing industry and transplanted to the tiny west coast village of Kyuquot, then later to Campbell River. While her husband Skip fished, Gail did the bookkeeping and raised their two boys until they were old enough to go out on the boat and be deckhands.

In 1991 Gail became involved in the salmon aquaculture industry and spent many wonderful and informative years there. With a commercial fishing family at home, it made for some very interesting dinner conversations at that time.

When the boys moved on, Gail joined her husband on the boat as a prawn deckhand, finally learning the industry from the deck instead of the desk. ‘I only needed to know how to count to 42 (the maximum number of prawns in a 1 kg. box) and I didn’t get seasick in the inlets.’

While fishing has been a way of life for the past years, and continues to be a great part of their lives, Skip and Gail enjoy travelling and RVing in the off season. Gail is an avid gardener, loves to cook, and thoroughly enjoys being a part of the operational identity at Fishermen’s Wharf. HAABC is a natural extension of her involvement with the local maritime community.